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February progress report -- not bad

I pounded out a decent number of words last month, including a new short story and about 7.5k on the novel WIP. On the one hand, I'd really like to stay focused on the novel so it can actually be finished sometime this spring. But on the other, I think the new short story's pretty good, and I'm not sorry I got it out of my head when it was still a fresh and exciting idea. Maybe someone will buy it, and I can get a nice little ego boost to help me through the demoralizing process of writing yet another novel nobody's ever going to want.

I keep telling myself the old adage about how there's only three ways to stop being a n00b novelist: you quit, you get published, or you die. I'm determined not to give in to the allure of option #1, and I just hope I'm not going to end up with option #3.

Anyway, stats!

new words: 11,300
fail days: 10 of 28
words/day: 628