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creative displacement

new words: 6800 (for all of April)
fail days: lots
words/day: who knows?

April ended up being the fail-month I'd expected March to be, but really not such a bad failure as failures go, since I still made significant progress on a couple projects. The agent search is a demoralizing process, so I've had more writing-related stress than I'm accustomed to (because day-job stress just isn't enough for me anymore!), and I think that's hindering my progress somewhat. Especially since I'm trying to write book 2 of a series for which book 1 hasn't sold yet, so there's always that lingering voice saying, if you don't sell book 1 you're wasting your time, you lunatic.

Was planning to write more tonight, but I had an unexpected urge to take out my dulcimer, which I probably haven't played in a couple years. Noodled around, broke a string, restrung her, noodled around some more for about an hour, and now my fingertips feel like they're on fire. Ow. But a good ow, a stress-relieving ow. I guess I need to displace my creative energy onto instrument playing more frequently.